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          Invest more than 100,000,00 dollar, own a large number of mold.ZXMT is the No.1 manufacturer of motorcycle fairing in China,completed unpainted fairing in stock ,shortest time for production, excellent work team and after sale service,ZXMT is the best choice for you.

          Advance UV light solidfication technique

          As the unique painting technique in China,Compare with common painting,UV light painting is more resistant to abrasion and chemicals,excellent long time protection and less dust particles,fairings are much more glossy and colorful.


          Contact ZXMT Tel: +86-20-8119 6056
          Fax: +86-20-8119 7556
          Skype: zxmtjason
          MSN: mingzhu0920@hotmail.com
          E-mail: zxmtfairings@163.com
          ZXMT Home | Fairing & Bodywork | Equipments Exhibition | FAQ | News | About ZXMT | Contact ZXMT
          Tel: +86-20-8119 6056   Fax: +86-20-8119 7556   E-mail:zxmtfairings@163.com
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